wohp. days been go flyin everywheres. december is certainly engulfing us and the creations, they keep ohn coming! Went to 6 months of darkness 2 days late after turning up on the Friday instead of the Thursday (6mod became dyslexiclly 6ofD ecember… so I had to go on the Saturday) all-those-shapes_-_6mod_13_rus-kidd
upped the photos from Be Free and Akemi Ito’s ‘stop 34‘ abando expo.
Seen some beautiful murals / walls by twoone, eno, shida, taylurk



Still going with the transfer of the website as you probably can tell. Some of the colours are still wrong, some of the functions not functioning, onyl about 3/4 exhibitions pages back up, no music page yet!!! and no gallery page yet… but i feel the need to go out on adventures. more later…

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