20131212 smug, silos, putos, loadz, dem189

Originally from Australia now living in Glascow (I think) smug one has been back in Australia for a few days – was hoping he’d come to Melbourne after his recent visit to Sydney and, he did! Extreme photo realism with electric colours silky smooth blends, visualmetaphors and surreal meltings. Look at that eye!

Went west of Geelong on the weekend to see the old concrete silos. couldnt climb them though unfortunately. (I did see a regularly knotted rope made out of conveyor rubbber used to climb into a small concrete cave in one of the feet of the silos where the climbers did some pieces but no way up higher). Saw plenty of bunny rabbits and kind of said hello to a stray cat that lived under the concrete driveway of some machine outhouse set aside from the silos.

Loadzy’s conjuring has spread to the suburbs with this frog magician casting spells in Collingwood:
Putos dragons been spotted moving around the place, this one a nice electric blue n orange collabs with dem189, plea grate n giroe…
Added more pics of course, but this update is being kept brief; trying to again finish songs and soon start my label, and working on nvr questions for app… music page up soon!

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