20131227 mio, akemi ito, koe1, marguerite tierney, jaws, rashe, tera, danke

An update post boxing day 20131227. Was going to have a random figment book launch. but didnt. A little impuslive and over zealous at times, heh. Maybe in a few weeks at Trunk. Let you know…

Mio‘s been having lots of adventures lately, back in fitzroy visiting all the local spots.


Akemi ito has moved into fitzroy too, giving it some paste up love


koe1 has been checking out a new addition to the fluctuating abando list.


There’s a stair slide by marguerite tierney in revs now…


jaws been serving up some finger food in the gardens


Finally uploaded most of the randoms sorted so far into the categories: graffiti, messages, pasteups,simple lines, stencils, stickers, street art and trains


an allThoseShapes favourite rashe has done a couple of newies.


Was asked that question yesterday, who my favourite was. How could I chose!? Some favourites would be Rashe, Shida, Leagues, Ghost… that list could become quite large. choosing a single favourite? Guess others can do it, dont know if I could…

And even though it is assumed I’ve watched lots artists paint, which I have, until yesterday I’d never watched pieces go up from start to finish; never leaving at all while they were painted… Got to watch tera & danke abando paint :)


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