20140902 Rad Areside Juan Mcarb Lukas Penney BMD

Decided for some silly reason on a night visit to the br1ckw0rk5 and found a couple of great street art randoms:

Found a new abando be free, that bmd were back in melbs for a bit! and finally visited the artshole – home of chehehe, ohnoes, a mac, unwell bunny, 23rd key, losop, such a cool place and out the back was a nice alley welcome by chehehe and ohnoes

Finally took a perfect shot of the lukas penney tribal vortex piece, found some more mio ghosts (of course!)

Found a way up to get some good shots of rad‘s genius new stripey water girl mural:

Started new pages for areside, dem0365, juan mcarb, aj, kelr / mupz, antio

And after all this time passing since the return to wordpress, finally made a page for toby fairbank music! with a new tech mix to co-inside nicely:

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