20150208 akid one awes junky projects ohki julia palazzo heesco

Instead of making the most of Melbourne’s sun I’m attempting two updates in one week. Its been a while. Then more adventures.
akid one / anokayer is back in melbs briefly, the junky projects are having more adventures in east brunswick, and ohki has some new wheels to make it to work on time:

Went to a few exhibitions – bsg 20150206 julia palazzo chris hazell peter gilliland and OTK 20150206 Jason Parker Ashlea Bechaz No Hoper


Seen some epic new murals by awes, smug, dvate and the post rainbow ‘it came from light‘ mural in fitzroy.

Found some genius strange ones by a random(?) and heesco / tanea

Started new pages for the peatree collective and buff monster

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