20150609 maha, ghosto, caper, atak, suki, deams, birdhat

Hardly ever do I see trains running with graff on them. Twice maybe 3 times total. On the weekend not only just in the right place at the right time to see a graff train, but atak on a train!!! Took two shots before the train was out of range then did a stitch up; came out pretty well with the obvious red stripe patch. What a genius, so much style flowing into the Metro gradients and colour matching too…
Found more abyss_607 including this water portal seer:all-those-shapes_-_abyss_607_-_water-portal-seer_-_westgarth
A few new mahas before his journey off o/s on adventures…
Lots of new graffiti
A couple new capers
and a genius new 3d ghostow font with bonus inquisitive emu!!!!
Went to deams line, interrupted, and suki wild bhumi exhibitions and started a new page for nemco
Went to a couple of abandos b0r0n14 k12, spray boy mansion and found out that birdhat is back in Melbs! And that he had left straight away :( but left a few nice new pieces before flapping away =D
And yeh theres more stuffs too but cant remember so you must find…

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