20170117 adict urban cake lady ghost axolotl krims lush shida cto

Finally after a month of battling with the very incompetent tech support at iPage over two separate issues allThoseShapes is healthy again…

All the artist menu images have been added so you can see the artist youre looking for, the gallery orders have been fixed so you can journey as discovered through exhibitions and abandos and of course much has been going on in the streets, railways & abandos of Melbourne…

Visited the still hanging in there after almost 5 years of abandonment – 4mc0r

To visit the crazy new adict mech scorpion critter

to see the new cto collabs with bailer

Went to the bio-hazzardous axolotl:

For another derby walk

Went to the abandoned burnt out fruit scarf

ghost is super syked atm:

Found plenty more mr moh

Went to the first exhibitions for the year: Pant Active Launch Party

Unwell Bunny Super Psychology

And finally, thankfully, urban cake lady is back after many years absence!

Went back for a tr41n mish:

And shida back in melbs with some new neon creatures

New mural collabs by Mahtous and Krims:

lush is getting better and faster all the time; one of his more recent murals- the Snake Plissken-esque Julian Assange:

makatron painted his epic R2Disco mural in Northcote:

Went back to Y4rd-h4ckeR

Oh yeah and coming soon there will be about 15-20 new artist pages!