20170223 figment spie meandr lucy lucy clare brady camo jist grem eoin guido van helten

so this weekend will be “insert edgy title here” – visitors to this free street art exhibition will be able to pick up some super cheap art from their favourite street artists and also copies of figment melbourne street art / graffiti book for only $15!!!

==== so much to report!! ====
went to astrotwitch we can speak for ourselves 20170120

An allThoseShapes fave atack / atak is super syked at the moment!

new page for clare brady

new page for camo street art

went to cubbie hole, first visit in quite a while…

Epic new guido van helten – so beautiful – still havent got the best shot but you get the idea. Anyone buy me a drone?

went to otk 20170120 julia both david lee pereira

went to the the bored house + 20170206

went to goodie’s make yourself at home exhibition

diamonds are not 4evr

th3 lattice house

lots new abyss_607



crazy new eoin who was back in melbs for a little bit

started adding meandr tracks with the allthoseshapes music label starting real soon

lush up to his usual prolific meme loving antics

had to happen sooner or later – started a page for the very prolific mostly hand drawn ravings of jist

finally added a chamb page (only couple of years late – upped the photos but not page :/ – are u still painting chamb?

finally a page for one of the original rollie kings: grem

shida is back with more special brush techniques and creatures from the beyond:

putos constantly working the letters:

knock new letter creature

slicer back in action

seductive new lucy lucy collabs with ola volo

spie showing plenty of hosier love now the summer is in full swing