20170409 cto allure isolde nychos edob lov3 amos duggan silly sully welin viet sovia soika

Woh so much happened in a month and a half of update absence; but finally, here we go, well most of it anyways:

Went to dr41n5 h first visit in a while

jodee knowles was back in melbs

few new silly sully (who finally has a silly online store where you can buy prints!)

new lucy lucy

went to behind the kerb

isolde ‘the light in us’

finally found the old m0rlynn pics from back in 2013 when it had a skatepark inside

heesco‘s skills always increasing and diversifying!

lauren ys back in melbs

went to the lousy show

50u7h3rN cr055

started a page for banana peel

makatron epic with bailer

went to the new blender

went to SPQR which yeah is a snack-licious pizza joint but is also full of pasteups hand drawns and pieces…

went to insert edgy title here

went to Deams Field Notes

more junky projects

Some new edob lov3 experiments:

cto epic new mural in brunswick east and more since…

another crazy new bailer perfecting his serpents flicks and new letters riverside…

new hayden dewar

stealthy new facter

fresh loadz


julian clavijo‘s beautiful visual metaphor laced racer boy in hosier lane (actually – realised I didnt have a page for julian yet!!! (do now))

finally get to start a page for loretta lizzio

went to Nychos Monochrome Organism

and started a page for nychos who painted the super epic joey transport kangaroo under the three trains in collingwood.

went to otk for knock allure phoenix

went to: shag a seat in the kingdom

new page for kam bot

heaps of new abyss_607

went to Raw Melbourne presents Cusp (months ago heheheh)

went to amos duggan liquid language exhibition

went to m0rlynn

peculiar portraits art prize

went to Seasons of Change #23

went to sian song microcosm

new page for welin

new page for viet sovia

new page for soika

troll back in action

crazy new vest

new twoone epic mural

jason parker

cel out

phew thats it! (probably) -enjoy your adventures =D