20170420 odeith scott nagy funbeard alex hooves welin

went to wall to wall festival festival, finally, fairly epic indeed

heeeeaps of new banana peels, and if id walked more I would have found more; seen checking out all the usual suburbs and leaving trails =D

new page for cubic

and can actually start a page for odeith the anamophic creature master who was in melbs!

also new page for scott nagy who finally visited melbourne =D

went to bus dunk for second visit

randomly discovered the citadel by funbeard one night…

went to two troy innocent exhibitions in one day!
pattern recognition

urban codes

heaps new junky projects

went to visit the new cam scale pieces at the south melbourne market – some of his best portraits/photo-realisms yet…

went to find the forest guardian by alex hooves who is starting to do more and more street stuff

and randomly found this new(?) dvate koala munching on his gum leaves being stood up for, cause our stupid corrupt government loves coal more than the environment and the creatures that live here

Incredible new knock prob made moreso by the time of day, the lighting, the seagulls, the reflections; one of my favourite knock pieces now…

started a new page for luke rion who is finally doing street stuff!

forgot these pics from last 4mc0r visit with the newer rone pieces a few days before they were buffed:

new welin wip this guy doesnt stop! Here from Denmark for a month (?) already painted 9 or so pieces?!