20170529 elle dwall rosie woods welin van t rudd banana peel

Hmm these updates are drifting. So much going on. Still adding new artist pages, exhibition and abando pages regularly, but these diary/blog reports are becoming less and less. Oh well.
Started a new page for rosie woods

elle street art


crisp the star wars loving stencil artist,


kotz rock

van t rudd

Been in need of some new atack and was rewarded:

spotted a sneaky rooftop lauren ys

new odeith

back to the fast disappearing 50u7h3rN cr055

Found plenty more banana peel adventures (yep)

more edob magicals whos exhibition is on now at off the kerb!

some twisty 3d ghosto genius

visited drainskate

dr41n5 kents

started a page for dismal

went to bsg small works 2017

went to lucy lucy presence exhibition

otk 10 bday

found heaps of new junky

new be frees

and the epic welin cockatoo keeping watch over melbs…