20170922 befree kezam mue_bon astral nadir jist

heaps new glyph circles appearing around the place by new artist astral nadir

New page for cola

Went to the burnt out k1773n5

ben lopez! back on the streets and also has an exhibition coming up with cinzah

new page for easy as

new page for mue_bon who was here briefly

randomly discovered d4mn curv35

went down to cheltenham for pamela irving dreaming with open eyes exhibition

a well placed seaps

heaps new philthy shenanigans

new page for kone

went to slinky abando

lister was back for a bit

atack getting back into action

caper can u see exhibition


senekt equilibrium exhibition

new ghosto

new peels

heaps new jist


back to jogger

triangles at the top

junky projects dumped

kezam back for a couple weeks

fairy bread exhibition

new quickly buffed be free

plus lots lots more of course cause these diary blog all-rounder entries are getting few and far between pffff…