20171231 resio spoe makatron frosk dose gus

wohhh 2018 is really trying for attention. Soon 2017 will be a distant memory. Was going to do a retrospective – maybe will in the early new year – we’ll see – here though is a bit of the latest from recent times:

Started a new page for spoe

went for another dr41n5 m4z3 mission

Went to visit the incredible mesmerising new octo from resio out west

noticed frosk is getting his sock puppet series up and running round fitzy and the city:

new wiiiiide screen dvate

some new pawtls

super playful new tera

went to visit and sit in front of for half an hour – the beautiful alluring new gus and dose

some new kroh

new page for lakas

crazy new makatron

new meandr

and lots more of course. u go search now.