20180312 muebon lister sunfigo del kathryn barton

muebon is back in melbs, briefly, but painting heaps:

lister back in melbs for a bit painted a strangely Napoleon Dynamite reminiscent face in Fitzroy with buddy adnate

went to sunfigo no face exhibition (a few days late – most frames were gone)

finally got to see del kathryn barton!

lots new graffiti

sinch stinguisher tribute piece

suki scoping the alleys of melbs

with buddy minou who was back in melbs super briefly with a sophee smiles and raw bones collab pasty

new suuuuuuper wiiiiide pawtl

new quell

tinky going citrus

New page for brody x

went on a drain mission

kranky back after few years asbsence

sirhc taking his dog on plenty of walks

plus heaps more…

oh yeah, allthoseshapes meandr painted his first mural with silly sully

painting the goofy camel and jumping spider