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100 or more bollards were installed into some inner Melbourne streets July 2017, supposedly to keep any would be terrorists from mowing people on the footpaths UK-style. Some areas this may be effective, around southern cross station, southbank, bourke st mall; the bollards – ‘bollart’ – around flinders st station where the psycho driver who killed 3 people started his attack run are all hard against the fence seeming pretty pointless. They are great new spots for art at least :p “boll-art melbourne” has art by cit-cat, v1nk, melburn bug, eddie botha, calm, s-701a, n2o (n2o_jo), slim, (pauline asscrack removed twice!) +++

oh yeah check this interesting article f cit-cat
melbourne-council-says-it-will-remove-painted-boll-art on the same page a tweet by cityofmelbourne says “We’re not removing the art from the bollards.”