hoarders house

Hoarders house was a random discovery and after calling out “hello? is someone living here? Cool house…just taking photos…” to no response I managed to keep exploring and not chicken out.

When I saw stacks of bows and arrows I wondered about stashes of guns and ammo and expected to see someone standing with a gun pointed at my heart; luckily no. There were thousands of DVDs – mostly BluRays, 60s Leica cameras and lenses, mini disc recordser and discs, classic novels, records, a biiiig screen tv, no couches, no bedroom…?

The front room probably explains the place: toasted, blackened, ashy skeletals. The guy probably smoked most of a joonza then ashed himself out of existence. The fire brigade were called, washed out the flames, the ambulance carried away the body, the owner ‘sealed’ it up.

Went back recently, the inner door is ‘locked’ now, and it seems the stuff is still inside. I didnt take anything and hardly touched anything. Probably a wise move :p

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