one line 20160414

*******Sorry missed this one so no pics for you… (check the fb page link below!)********

No Vacancy’s latest curated group show Oneline, brings together a hand picked selection of these artists to participate in a one of a kind presentation. Given a Posca marker and a sheet of glass, the artists will be required to create original works, with one continuous stroke. Chosen for their rich design and illustrative principles, this will be an opportunity for these artists to experiment creatively, simultaneously showcasing the strength of their extraordinary talent. The process will also be filmed and shown as part of the exhibit.

Artists featured include: Aaron Billings, Alex Hooves, Bonsai, Carla McRae, Digable Goods, Ears, Ghostpatrol, Lucy Lucy, Makatron, Robert Bowers, Ruskidd, Stephen Baker, Stephen Doan, The Seven Seas, Twoone, and video by Jackson Loria


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