20161011 reaes loud tzu ums chuck mayfield tera tayla broekman

Found a new reaes between train and tram – experimenting, breaking it up – playing ‘words with friends’. started a new page for ums who is appearing all about the place constantly varying style and positioning went to Chuck Mayfield’s Initiation exhibition to otk 20161002 with brian cheung tayla broekman sian song some new dr41n5 started a new page for skr3am and a new page for loud tzu from new york went back to non ferral with plenty of new tera pieces… and visited the new ness flett plus heaps of other stuff, new mio, new nost, new randoms…

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20151024 hayley welsh toggles barek cel out rapoela cto lemon squashua felipe pantone kranky

Woh. Okay. Thats the longest time I think Ive ever gone between updates. Was it a month? over a month? Well that nice period of no internet at home plus been building three websites at once and working on another project (details soon…) seems to have stretched time to a new limit. Think we’re back on track here. Could be. Anyways: found heaps of new abyss_607‘s, some epic next level togs / toggles heaps of new barek whos back in town for a while and also had a solo show front gallery at off the kerb; sold nearly everything!!! There

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