20140826 roa echidna repair pt 1

all-those-shapes_-_roa_echidna_fitzroy_15After a tip off regarding a some taggy dis-colourations on the roa echidna spines and some up close analysis of the mural I decided that I could and would attempt the repair of the defenseless marsupial.

I bought two 94 blacks, ‘bled’ one for some more can control went home and grabbed an off white, paint brush and the bottom off a used charlies juice bottle for the spine glistens, and attended to the patient.

I had watched roa paint him so new the cans he used, that he bled them, that he used a rollie for outlines and under- shadings, little black alien cans for…

all-those-shapes_-_roa_-_roa-repair_01_-_fitzroySeemed to be going pretty well until the black had dried. I learned a few things:
1. 94s are black matte not gloss – the under-shadings on the echdina were matt black not a lighter black or grey – and the spines were in gloss.
2. that 94s dont make gloss black, montana white acrylics do make gloss black but that Refills is closing soon and hadnt had any for ages.
3. that you should never use ironlak as a back up rush plan – apart from the fact that they fade (and roa‘s Echidna has not faded) the colour on top of the tin is nothing like what they spray!

all-those-shapes_-_roa_-_roa-repair_02_-_fitzroyI bought an auger? black ironlak – got back and tested it on some cardboard. I watched it dry. It was like some weird grey color. No way im using that for the creatures spines!

The city has belton black gloss apparently so Ill try again tomorrow.

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