Now in its fourth incarnation allThoseShapes presents street art, graffiti, paste-ups, stickers, art, exhibitions and music from Melbourne. all the photos are taken by toby fairbank first with an ixus70, then a short lived g9, now with the carry everywhere, nikon d90…


Early 2014 allThoseShapes has its first street art book out: ‘figment’ melbourne street art and graffiti. Had the figment book launch at trunk bar on the 16th of January 2014; you can purchase figment direct from allThoseShapes! Or if you want to meet in Hosier Lane and save on postage costs, email

other publications

Toby Fairbank has also supplied overe 97% of the photos for Inside Street Art Melbourne available at Melbournalia

and some of the photos in Melbourne Street Art Guide

all those shapes artists

As of Dec 2016 allThoseShapes has over 580 artist pages! The artists are local, interstate and international. Some have been only once, some will visit regularly, some you might never see here again (MEW returned 4 years later, for example, Alice Pasquini 6 years later) some artists live in and travel from Melbourne but will always return.

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If you’re after some artists to paint your place, event, festival or the like, email

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You might notice there are no ads on allthoseshapes. Keeping it ad-free so as not to be hypocritical. Damn poster boys steal heaps of art/graff walls and the public lets them cause advertising is more acceptable. allthoseshapes is not a business and needs a little help so now we’ve added a donate button. Fragments and Modulations the two follow up street art books were meant to be out by now but seeing as they are self funded and allthoseshapes are always out taking photos instead of working earning money, they have not been possible.

If we’ve helped you get artists or youre an artist who has got gigs via allthoseshapes and you can spare some coin, please do! If you like what allthoseshapes does and can help, yeah please do! If you want to sell copies of figment at your event or in your shop, please let us know!

get inspired:

Now that you’ve read this go exploring the site, get inspired then go out on your own journeys!