20150119 sofles sugar damian cazaly lucy lucy julia palazzo

sofles is back in melbourne – wohhh!

Started pages for method, stra and damian cazaly:

Found new julia palazzo who has her first solo exhibition ‘macro deity‘ in melbs coming up, new sugar and new moo
and also started posting the upcoming exhibitions for 2015 which all kick off in a couple of days including julia palazzo’s macro deity, kaff-eine’s kalabaw, astrotwitch’s group show moments of being, sayraphim lothian’s very cute craffiti, creature creature’s never ending and many exhibitions starting at BSG on the 23rd of January:
‘Mixing Media’ with Jessica Dib-Newberry, Bec Bigg-Wither, Karen Bailey, Danish Quapoor, Jeffrey Hamilton, Chehehe Chehehe, Gary Reef, Felicity Griffin Clark, Tanya and Elijah Black
‘Pushing Pixels’ group show with Rebecca Dimovski, J-dart, Micah Finkle, Jade Mulvaney, Amalia Lindo, Dean Raphael
‘Polares’ by Hsi-Chun Huang and Bee-Dwo Lin, Robertson Buitrago, Vera Palacios,
‘Paintings of Black Poles in Black Poles’ by Hayley Milar,
‘Watchful Traveller’ by Nicole Hunt,
‘(pop) Perceptions of Plastic’ by Ben Scot McGill99.

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