20170702 van rudd sugar ears deams vincent fantauzzo whiz venz

Went to the think rift abando

the super cheeky wall of frosk
back to see the brick works which is now being developed after all this time…

fantastic new sugar slothy slow-munching on dosey snacks…

went to deams transition exhibition

ears bending light exhibition

theres a new ghostpatrol mural

and in the same alley a new al stark

went to fox’s goth world exhibition

went to see the master Vincent Fantauzzo’s Nic Cester @ Harley House


astrotwitch getting by

ash coates lucid and lurid

dr41n5 g4rdy

started a new page for whiz


jogger re-jog

long time between visits to dr41n5 spw

and finally very very public where it should be van rudds trump tank being attacked up in hosier!