20171026 teufel pawtl slinky 499 bald lush send for me

Much stuff happened. Here is some of it:
44 48 abando


rachel perrin being human

cinzah ben lopez exhibition

finally some of send for me

slinky revisit

new page for los1

back to the now almost fully painted 499

calm exhibition

new page for the traveller teufel with his cohort b2c


double dog


After seeing the intoxicating “what if it works” screening + Q and A i was so syked I went on an impulsive nighttime drain mission!

even though hes over bombing the wall between israel and palestine, a couple of unseen till now lush suxes

finally a page for 70s kids crew member bald

a visit or two to the spooky repetition 666

and prob heaps more, check astral nadir, banana peel, cel out…