20171129 jaba putos kroh ling loretta lizzio

Time time time for a quick update – started a new page for jaba

there are some well incredible new neon putos pieces around melbs – check brunswick, collingwood, fitzroy…

went back to 0c34n14 – the stripping of the final warehouse is now underway…

went to breathing space

seen heaps of new astral andir

finally went to helix dub

found that n05t k3b4b5 after months and months,

started a new page for kroh/ verg

went to see the epic new mural from loretta lizzio and cam scale

upped some new nature and structure including this super silly pic: “you’ll be right mate”

went to h1gg5 a couple times before the torrential downpour

upped some pice from cameron brideoake exhibition

plus more of course but i forget so you go look for it…