the paterson project 20150306

the paterson project exhibition / charity event 6th of March 2015, 173 – 181 Smith Street Fitzroy is the genius idea by Artshole crew member Mike to raise money for the Royal Childrens Hospital Foundation with artists: abet, adnate, aida sabic, amac, armed, askem, awes, bailer, burg, buttons, callum preston, chehehe, choq, creature creature, crisis, cruel, dem189, dest, dirty bandit, donovan christie, dose, duel, duke style, dvate, dynes, ears, eevien tan, eleven, elliot clayfield, ends, ethix, facter, fenom, fletch cuts, flusta, frame, fredrock, ghetto, goodie, grizzle, gus, haha, hancock, heesco, hunter, ime, inpac, itch, jack douglas, james mccullough, jorz, josh smith, ken taylor, keo, 23rd key, kid silk, kitty ritz, kringe, lachy hamilton, lebouef, liam snootle, ling, losop, lucy lucy, makatron, marian machismo, marine, mayo, mike watt, mit, mordes, myseterious al, naste, never, nick mahady, nicole tattersall, ohnoes, order, otis chamberliain, phoenix, pigeon boy, pilfer, plea, poise, porno, presto, putos, race, rase, rad, rashe, repeat, resume, rews, rone, rook rem, rus kidd, sabeth, sam yong, sat, scale, sear, senekt, 6seta, shame, shem, shime, sirum, skubz, slicer, smick, steve cross, stopem, swerfk, tanea, tim rollin, toggles, trem, unwell bunny, vanderlism, will coles, wonderlust (plus more) painting the whole interior with panels you can bid on and win!!

some photos from the set up:
the paterson project 20150305
the paterson project 20150301
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