20141012 itch otis maka dynes marine nock lost the plot

otis, itch and maka painted an incredible effervescent mycelium meetup for a studio launch, kaff-eine is back into the streets after her hugely successful berry st book launch, and lost the plot has been drifting away in abandos…


lugh is getting pretty good with all the rutledge practice hes been getting in, found a very active marine moving along the wall with a kid silk not too far away…

blues been frolicking around on this forgotten about concrete foundation, nock is back in melbs with his skeksis sending him abando infos, and randomly found a beautiful burnt out abando house

dynes painted an outa control super sonic mayan rider, nost has been graffing in high places low places and sideways which ways,
and areside is being prolific being prolific being prolifically vigilently diligently continually up up scratch scratch sticker glue sculpt marker evvverywhere

Visited the garden of candide and twoones anticipated outsiders exhibition

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