20170804 bollard art 499 ama d_nart ELK phlegm bmas shit zen1e

So. Started a page for the bollard art of melbourne,

found 499 on my way out east

ama was back in melbs briefly

d_nart has been pretty syked lately drawing and pasting

Went to ELK Zero to the left exhibition

fuck it were having a group show

s701a been spying you as you go

New page for meandr

Beautiful new Laura Alice pastie in Gtown…

Went to the th3 v1ll4g3 for a catch up session

Found vinyl melter whilst walking from here to over there somewheres

Finally got to see a phlegm painting in the flesh!! (been to Australia a few times but never to Melbourne until last week…)

Started a new page for the super stylin bmas

Been a while since Ive seen some akuze graff…

Finally missioned out west for the 18km walk between stations to find two of the best shit pieces…

Started a page for zen1e